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Alnico permanent magnets are made primarily from aluminum, nickel, cobalt, copper, iron and sometimes titanium. They can be either cast or sintered.

Cast alnico is melted and poured into a mold. Once solidified, the material is rough ground and then heat-treated and cooled, sometimes in a magnetic field. When treated in the presence of a magnetic field, the magnet is called anisotropic. This orients the material to take on maximum magnetization and allows a higher gauss level. A cast magnet that is not heat-treated in a magnetic field is called isotropic. After heat treatment and cooling, the material can be ground to specific tolerances and then magnetized. Sintered alnico is made from a powdered mixture of ingredients that are pressed into a die under tons of pressure, sintered in a hydrogen atmosphere and then cooled either within a magnetic field or without

Applications of Alnico Magnets: Magnetos, separators, sensors, electron tubes, traveling wave tubes, radar, holding magnets, coin acceptors, clutches and bearings, motors, distributors, relays, controls, generators, receivers, telephones, microphones, bell ringers, guitar pickups, loudspeakers, security systems, cow magnets.

Magnetizing is done after the magnet has been machined to the correct tolerances. Care should be taken when handling alnico material since it is brittle and can chip or break if dropped on a hard surface. Also, because it has a low resistance to demagnetization, it will lose power if it is stored improperly. for best results, store magnetized alnico so that pieces are attracting each other, or with a steel keeper. Alnico is a very hard and brittle material and does not lend itself to conventional machining. we employs experienced machinists and the proper equipment to grind alnico to its required dimensions.

sintered Alnico magnets standard

alnico magnets Aluminium (Al) Nickel (Ni) Cobalt (Co)
Grade Br Hc (BH)max Curie Temp Temp.Coe US standard IEC standard
mT[Gs] [KA/m]Oe] [KJ/m3]MGOe] C C Equivalent Equivalent Equivalent
FLN8 550/5500 530 9.01.13 760 0.022 S.Alnico3 Alnico9/3
FLNG12 700/7000 50/620 12.4/1.55 810 0.014 S.Alnico2 Alnico 12/6
FLNGT18 580/5800 90/1130 18.0/2.20 860 0.020 S.Alnico3 Alnico17/9
FLNG34 1100/11000 48/600 34.0/4.25 890 0.016 S.Alnico 5 Alnico 37/5
FLNGT28 1000/10000 57/710 28.0/3.50 850 0.020 S.Alnico6 Alnico37/5
FLNGT38 800/8000 120/1500 38.0/4.75 850 0.020 S.Alnic 8 Alnico36/6
FLNGT42 880/8800 122/1530 42.0/5.25 850 0.020 Alnico38/11
FLNGT33J 700/7000 140/1750 33.0/4.13 860 0.020 S.Alnico 8HC Alnico36/15
Total 15 alnico magnets Aluminium (Al) Nickel (Ni) Cobalt (Co) magnets

Characteristic comparisons of permanent magnets

AINiCo,SmCo, NdFeB permanent magnets
No. Materials (BH)max Hcj BrTc (Work Temper)max Anti-causticity
1 SM1CO5 16-25 15-25 -0.05 200-250 Good
2 SM2CO17 22-30 6-30 -0.03 300-350 Good
3 NdFeB 26-52 12-30 -0.11 80-200 Bad
4 Ferrite magnet 3-4.5 3-4.5 -0.19 200-300 Good
5 AINiCo 5-10 1-1.8 -0.03 450-500 Excellent
Total 5 INiCo,SmCo, NdFeB permanent magnets
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