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NCMag™ supplier of rectangle rare earth(SmCo,NdFeB) magnets; manufacturer of neodymium block magnets in china.

what's magnet(SmCo, NdFeB) blocks? where's neodymium plates magnets manufacturer? how to buy samarium cobalt rectangle magnets?

Neodymium block magnets (Nd-Fe-B) feature a great deal of power despite their small size. They're made from the most powerful magnetic material in the world. We offer many sizes and grades suitable to a varitey of manufacturing, hobby and craft applications.

neodymium rare earth magnets are extremely powerful magnets made from rare earth elements. The incredibly strong magnets are used in a variety of industries, and they are also employed by magicians to create illusions and similar tricks.

Block magnet is one of the most common shapes. We could manufacture all kinds of block SmCo magnets. Please send the specification and we would reply you soon. For any further information. Neodymium magnets (sintered NdFeB) are more powerful than any other permanent magnet material on the market today. Neodymium magnets have a somewhat lower maximum operating temperature than other types of magnetic materials, so this should be considered when choosing a grade. Various grades of neodymium magnets are available with varying temperature and MGO characteristics.

sizes of neodymium block magnets or SmCo rectangle magnets

block magnets (samarium cobalt,NdFeB)
Ref. Nr. Dimension (mm) Ref. Nr. Dimension (mm)
MAG-001 L10 W10 (2~5) M-002 L12.5 W8 (2~7)
M-003 L12 W7 (3~7) M-004 L12 W12 (2~7)
M4B-005 L12.8 W9.8 (2~7) M-006 L13.3 W7.8 (2~6)
M-007 L14.8 W9.5 (2~6) M-008 L15 W15 (3~7)
M4B-009 L15 W13 (2~6) M-010 L16 W10 (2~7)
M-011 L16 W15 ?4.54.7 M4B-012 L16.9 W9.6 (2~6)
M-013 L18 W13 (2~7) M-014 L18 W15 ?4.75(2~7)
M-015 L19 W13 (2~8) M-016 L19 W17.5 (2~7)
M-017 L19.7 W10 (2~7) M-018 L20 W20 (3~10)
M-019 L20 W10 (3~6) M-020 L20 W12 (3~7)
M-021 L20 W13.5 (3~10) M-022 L20 W15 (3~6)
M-023 L21 W15 (4~6)> M-024 L21 W19 (2~7)
M-025 L23.5 W13.5 ?5(2~8) M-026 L24 W13.4 ?4.5(2~6)
M-027 L24 W24 ?5.5(2~18) M4B-028 L24 W24 ?8(2~8)
M-029 L25 W8 (2~6) M-030 L25 W10 (2~6)
M-031 L25 W14 (3~6) M-032 L25 W10 3.2(2~6)
M-033 L25 W20 (2~10) M-034 L25 W19 (2~7)
M-035 L27 W20 (4~6) M4B-036 L27 W22 (3~7)
M-037 L30 W10 (3~7) M-038 L30 W20 (3~24)
M-039 L30 W30 (3~24) M4B-040 L35 W15 (3~6)
M-041 L40 W12 (2~7) M-042 L40 W20 (3~20)
M-043 L40 W25 (3~24) M-044 L40 W40 (3~17)
M-045 L42 W25 (3~15) M-046 L44 W22 (3~10)
M-047 L45 W25 (3~20) M-048 L47.6 W9.5 (3~15)
M-049 L47.6 W22.2 (3~7) M-050 L49 W19 (3~20)
M-051 L50 W19 (3~20) M4B-052 L50 W25 (3~20
M-053 L50 W50 (3~24) M-054 L50.8 W25.4 (3~26)
M-055 L57.5 W32.5 (3~18) M-056 L59 W24 (3~20)
M-057 L59.3 W29.5 (3~25) M-058 L60 W20 (3~24)
M-059 L60 W25 (3~20) M-060 L60 W30 (3~25)
M-061 L75 W50 (3~23) M-062 L76 W41 (3~26)
M-063 L82 W30.6 ?6.3(3~20) M4B-064 L85 W65 (3~28)
M-065 L87 W66 (3~22) M-066 L90 W34 (3~24)
M-067 L100 W100 (3~27) M-068 L105 W105 (5~25)
M-069 L127 W50 (3~26) M-070 L131 W51 (3~24)
M-071 L150 W100 (3~30) M-072 160 W80 (3~30)
M-073 L152.4 W101.6 (3~29) M-074 L101.6 W76.2 (3~30)
M-075 L152.4 W50.8 (3~30) M-076 L270 W90 (5~32)
total 76 neodymium block magnets or samarium cobalt (SmCo) rectangle magnets
In addition, they are considered permanent magnets, although some rare earth magnets will lose their magnetic fields at high temperatures. Some are also quite brittle, unfortunately, which means that they need to be used with care, as they can break apart with explosive force.

They are also often included inside kits for young scientists, or for people who are interested in exploring the properties of magnetism. Neodymium magnets are among the strongest of all magnets, and they are relatively affordable, making them very popular.

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