neodymium(NdFeB) magnets, samarium cobalt(SmCo5, Sm2Co17)magnets, Alnico magnets, permanent rare earth magnets.

NdFeB(neodymium iron boron) magnets, alnico magnets Aluminium (Al) Nickel (Ni) Cobalt (Co),SmCo(samarium cobalt)magnets

sintered neodymium(NIB)magnets, super strong NdFeB neodymium iron boron magnets,samarium cobalt SmCo magnets, rare earths permanent magnets, alnico magnets, arc segment, tubes rings, plates blocks, balls spheres, bars rods, discs disks, cubes cylinders.

East High Tech Limited

we are manufacturer and supplier of permanent magnets in NANJING JIANGSUP. R .CHINA . our magnetic materials including:

neodymium iron boron masgnets

such as neodymium arc segment magnets, NdFeB ring magnets, NIB block magnets, NdFeB balls, neotubes, bars NIB magnet rods, neodymium disc magnets, neodymium magnets cylinder.

samarium cobalt (SmCo5, Sm2Co17) masgnets

such as SmCo arc segment masgnets, SmCo ring masgnets, SmCo block masgnets, SmCo bars, SmCo masgnet rods,SmCo disc magnets, SmCo magnets cylinder.

alnico magnets: Aluminium (Al) Nickel (Ni) Cobalt (Co)

such as alnico2 magnets, alnico3 magnets, alnico5 magnets, alnico6 magnets, alnico8 magnets. Alnico magnets are widely used in instruments, meters, speakers, separators, magnetos, sensor, microwave device, automatic control appliance, aviation, spaceflight, military technology, etc.
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